Alison Gool
  • Favorite weapon: Mk-33 Heavy auto-blaster
  • Former occupation: Military Engineer
  • Cause of Death: eaten by Cthulhu
  • First appearance: "In the Belly of the Beast"

  • General Statistics:
    Height: 5 ft 10 in
    Weight: 196 lbs.
    Standard Equipment:
    Steyr Assault Rifle
    Mk.33 Heavy Auto-blaster
    Hotaku Pulse Cannon
    Plasma Pistols
    Modified Pfhor Battle Armor
    Mechanical, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Basic Combat Training, Standard and Advanced Rifles
    Extremely intelligent, Alison was a natural choice for the U.E.S.C. Military Engineer program. Once she joined the Hellbore unit, she chose to have several cybernetic tools implanted, including advanced reflexes, heightened senses, and a Nullspace pocket generator (used as an infinitely large toolbox). She tends to keep a level head in combat situations, but can and will resort to violence when necessary.
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