ADA Keimzelle
  • Favorite weapon: Intoxicating Beauty
  • Former occupation: Love Doll
  • Cause of Death: n/a
  • First appearance: "Special Project"

  • General Statistics:
    Height: 5 ft 8 in
    Weight: 236 lbs.
    Standard Equipment:
    Holographic Field System
    Pheremone Generator

    Primary Operating Directives, Seduction Techniques, Sabotage, Unarmed Combat, Stealth/Espionage
    A techno-succubus constructed in a joint effort by Beerman and Dr. von Rudenstein. It's main AI systems contain the standard four primary directives, along with a "Kallisti" directive encouraging it to disruptany pair bonds it meets. It's primary mission is to impede Ysrath's faction. Uses the alias "Adara" when in goth-babe mode. Has no internal weapon systems but is adept at hand-to-hand combat.
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