Captain Nemo
  • Favorite weapon: Pirate Gundam
  • Former occupation: pirate
  • Cause of Death: scurvy
  • First appearance: "Avast Ye Swabs"

  • General Statistics:
    Height: 6 ft 0 in
    Weight: 207 lbs.
    Standard Equipment:
    the "Aquarium" (his vessel)
    Stupid the Monkey (mascot)

    Navigation, Logisitics, Supply Procurement/Pillaging, Ship Repair, Naval Combat
    Not much is known about Nemo, beyond that he is a rather incompetent pirate that roams the seas of Deathworld. He is clearly a lunatic, and expects his crew to provide him with science-fiction weaponry and equipment at his demand. This causes no end of derision and scorn from his crew, which he blithely ignores. The only reason they stick around is for the hidden treasure he claims to know of. Loves bad jokes and stupid puns.
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