Dr. Nikolas von Rudenstein
  • Favorite weapon: Robotic servants
  • Former occupation: Roboticist
  • Cause of Death: an explosive experiment
  • First appearance: "The Nemesis"

  • General Statistics:
    Height: 5 ft 9 in
    Weight: 174 lbs.
    Standard Equipment:
    Personal Force-Field
    Tesla-coil Stun rods
    Miscellaneous tools & PDAs
    Corrective Eyeglasses
    Computer Engineering, Computer Programming, Advanced Robotics, Basic Necromancy, Demonology
    A former professor of Computer Science and Robotics, this very brilliant, yet deranged scientist is adept at the creation of robotic minions known as "killbots". His maniacal tendencies increase when subjected to emotional stress, such as the deaths of those close to him. Dabbled in the occult sciences as a youth, but tends to stick with pure science for solutions to his problems. He also likes chickens.
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