Matt Blaster
  • Favorite weapon: Mk-8 smart-gun
  • Former occupation: Supersoldier
  • Cause of Death: ripped asunder by Aliens
  • First appearance: "Let's Go!"

  • General Statistics:
    Height: 6 ft 2 in
    Weight: 218 lbs.
    Standard Equipment:
    Predator Handguns
    Steyr Machine-Pistols
    Mk-8 Dual Smart-Guns
    Battle Armor
    FLASH suit
    Advanced Combat Training, Handguns, Standard Rifles

    The hero of the comic. When he joined the U.E.S.C. Hellbore unit he had various standard cybernetics installed; muscle augments, boosted reflexes and dermal armour plates. Currently in a relationship with Anna, his nemesis's assistant. Severe emotional trauma activates the FLASH suit given to him by the Pfhor, transforming him into a mindless bezerker. Dislikes celery.
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