Legendary Woodsman: A mysterious adventurer, plucky sidekicks, conspiracies and martial arts

HEAT: the Space Age of Pro Wrestling: Pro wrestling as the most popular galactic bloodsport in the year 3010

Dreamers: Is fighting the ultimate destiny of Magical girls?

Piper's Song: Why Northern Alberta is the most important place in the universe

Our World: Anthropomorphic animals in a humorous yet dramatic series

Exiles: Vampires and Werewolves in a mature-rated comic done as a Graphic Novel

Inherit: High-fantasy adventure comic

Requiem Mask: An homage/parody based off Gaston Leroux's original novel, The Phantom of the Opera

the Refuge: A story about an amnesiac girl, super-soldiers, true love, destiny, and the darkness of man

- No longer updating, but still worth reading -

Metaleeto: A superhero with the ability to manipulate and control any piece of circular metal

Gothbunnies: Three bunnies. Who are Goth. Dramatic story with some mild dark humour

Cigarro & Cerveja: A hare, a goose, and loads of ridiculous fun

Rent-A-Thug: Ever wonder where super-villians get their hench-men? Now you know!

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