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You have stumbled across the FUDDA Comix universe. FUDDA Comix is a serialized strip. The storylines are independent, but they are frequently linked together in a continuous way. What does that mean? If you read a strip in the middle of the storyline, and don't read the previous comics, you may not understand what's happening. The basic premise behind FUDDA Comix is explained here, but in a nutshell, FUDDA Comix is an alternate universe that blends science fiction and occult horror with character and situational comedy. What does this mean? Unless you are familiar with the characters and settings used, the humor may lose some of it's impact.

Now, obviously, the best way to get to know what FUDDA Comix is all about is to start from the beginning, but with an archive of over 800 comics, it can be a little daunting for new readers, especially on a slower connection. So I'd like to give you the basics now, so that you can jump in at the point I usually recommend people start at: Dæmonic Introduction.

The main character of the comic is a fellow called Matt Blaster. He's a former super-soldier from a distant future who was brought into this reality at the moment of his death. (That's generally how all new characters are introduced to the comic; they die in their own universe). Matt is the only character in the comic who interacts with the Overseer, the alien god-being who acts as the narrator and deus ex machina in the comic. Matt is also one of the few characters who has an inkling about the true nature of this world.

In the first year of the comic, Matt mainly ran around, committing random acts of violence in a place remarkably like the university the author went to, until he met his original nemesis, Dr. Nikolas von Rudenstein. Dr. von Rudenstein was a computer science/robotics professor who had gone insane and had started creating killer robots (later known as killbots). Matt has foiled his crazed plans on a number of occasions, yet oddly enough, there is no great malice between the two of them. Dr. von Rudenstein sees Matt as more of a challenge to overcome rather than a true enemy.

The following year saw the introduction of three new characters: the first of which was Beerman. Beerman is generally just a jerk, but in a nice way. He drinks a lot but has a high tolerance for alcohol, so is never drunk. He, in fact, has alcohol inspired super-powers which he misuses to amuse himself. The next character introduced was Alison Gool, a female military engineer from the same time-period as Matt. She's a sterotypical "geek goddess", with beauty and brains in abundance. She and Matt quickly became friends, with Alison providing the cool head of reason to counter Matt's loose cannon behaviour. Stephan Fyre was the other character introduced, a whiny poseur gothboi. He teamed up with Dr. von Rudenstein in order to get magic powers, and while the two of them worked together for a while, Stephan eventually dissolved the arrangment to pursue his own goals.

The last major character introduced before Dæmonic Introduction starts was Alexis von Rudenstein, step-daughter of Dr. von Rudenstein. She started off as a spoiled brat, but after being spurned by Matt after she set her heart on him, she entered a downward spiral of jealousy, anger and hatred. The only other character of note to be concerned about is Colin, a ghost. He's a mischevious little scamp, and that's pretty much it.

Now you know a little about the FUDDA Comix universe. More information on the various characters can be found here, and there's also a F.A.Q. to browse through. I hope I've piqued your interest, and that you'll take the time to read through some of the great stories I've created. Some of the better ones include:

However, as mentioned before, quite a few of these stories require
knowledge of previous events in the timeline, so it's probably for the
best to just read the entire archive! ^_^

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