Once upon a time, in a galaxy right next door to our own (galactically speaking), there lived an alien of a race that has no name known to us. He was a brilliant specimen of his species, and grew up with the best that life had to offer him. Now, these aliens measure life in the span of millennia, and are complacent with their existence. But this one was different, so within a relatively short time (roughly 5000 years by our reckoning), he grew bored with his existence. I mean, seriously, how many times can you watch the same episode of "Groblink meets the Spuzznix" or "Friends" without vomiting?

Eventually he decided to undertake a technological project of such magnitude that it frightened his peers. They wanted nothing to do with him. All these hyper-dimensional equations and such, how passé! They left him alone to do his work, and eventually he finished. He left his home planet by advanced means and headed to our galaxy. And not long after, everyone on his home planet was tragically devoured by sentient cheese, so it was a good thing he left when he did.

The alien was facinated by all the life forms in our galaxy, with their short lives and meaningless existences. He decided to study a group of them, in all their varied forms, so he set up an artificial environment to house them in. Sort of like putting bugs in a jar. He would grab interesting individuals at the exact moment of their deaths and transport them to this artificial reality of his. After that, his fun began.

And so the alien, who calls himself the Overseer (for lack of a better name), continues to study his little pets. If they manage to amuse him sufficiently, he rewards them with a second chance at life in their own reality. None have managed to do so so far. Hey - you try amusing someone with an attention span of eons, and see if you do any better!!


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