Spooky Me Me again
  • Name: Rudi C Gunther
  • Nickname: Shadow / Kage
  • Type: dark-brown haired, blue eyed Caucasian of German/Norwegian descent
  • Typical appearance: 6'2", glasses, shaved head, goatee
  • Date of Birth: 16/10/74
  • Birth Symbols: Libra / Opal / Wood-Wood Tiger
  • Birth Place: Calgary, AB, Canada
  • Home: Edmonton, AB, Canada
  • Started drawing comic: 09/95
  • Set up first comic website: 12/97
  • Usually found: at part-time job at Happy Harbor Comics, in front of the TV watching DVDs or playing X-Box, at drawing table working on comics, or in front of the computer wasting time
  • Education: General Science Bachelor's degree from the University of Alberta. (Earth Sciences Major, Mathematics Minor)
  • Activities: Magic the Gathering, Cthulhu board games. Was a DJ at CJSR FM88 in Edmonton for 20 years
  • Interests: Science-fiction (Aliens, Star Wars, Stargate, Battlestar Galactica), Horror (H.P.Lovecraft, Hellraiser), Anime & Manga (anything with Mecha)
  • Personality Type: Avoidant. I suffer from low-grade persistent depression, and I tend to be rather cynical, nihilistic, neurotic and misanthropic as well. I have a tendency to unintentionally creep out other people due to my demeanour and sense of humour. I try not to take life & death too seriously. My mental health is bad enough as it is without burdening it with suicidal thoughts, so I avoid them. In other words, I'm pretty similar to most other creative types out there.
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