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Any similarities to actual people, characters and events from cartoons, games, comics, and real life are strictly coincidental unless noted. I may do parodies of ideas, but I don't steal from other people, or try to pass off their work as my own (I'm looking at you here, Sprite-Comics...) That's just wrong. So, I hereby list off anything belonging to others that I have "borrowed" during my comic strip's life:

  • Aliens © H.R.Giger 1979-present
  • Barney © Lyons Partnership, L.P. 1997-present
  • Pokemon © Nintendo & Game Freak 1995-present
  • The Real Ghostbusters © Columbia Pictures 1986-1990
  • Marathon © Bungie Software 1995-1999

The purpose of this site is to provide free worldwide access to FUDDA Comix, and to keep fans and readers up to date with all the goings-on. All artwork, stories, notes, and such are not for distribution purposes, they are solely for the enjoyment of others. If I can't make a profit on this comic, then no-one else can! Feel free to e-mail me with comments, suggestions, and questions. If you have any problems viewing the comics or anything else, please contact me.

Attn: This comic has absolutely nothing to do with Harry Harrison's Deathworld novels!
(although in a round-about way, it is loosely based on it - see Origins)

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